ONE 10 • Edinburgh Notes: Reflections on Gaza

Edinburgh Notes: Reflections on Gaza
Flotilla Day, 31 May 2010
–Charlie Graham

Remember the Boxes for Bosnia? When you were at school, or sending your kids to school during the recent times of war in the former Yugoslavia? You’d send the young ones off with a box and you’d think they’d get there. Let’s go back to Aramana.
The little kid left the house with a box bound for Bosnia. It had sweets, beans and UHT milk in it, along with a couple of T-shirts and one pair of socks.
He was wandering down the road quite happily. Quite content, he was making a difference in someone’s life.
Then suddenly on the road a car stopped, and out of nowhere the school bully jumped out of a car. George was the school bully, oversized for his age. He wasn’t the brightest kid but George’s mother headed up the PTA; George could do no wrong.
When the little kid tried to fight back, George, using his obvious advantage in size, won, and casually hopped back in the car and got driven to school.
When the little kid got to school he was greeted by the headmaster at the front door. He wasn’t allowed to come in to class that day.
When the little kid asked why, the headmaster told him that he wouldn’t be allowed back until he apologised to George for breaking his box for Bosnia on the way to school. And furthermore, where was his box?
The boy left the school sad that he wouldn’t be able to see his friends. George carried on wreaking havoc and taking things that did not belong to him for many years to come after this incident.
At what point does this all stop? As soon as we do something about it. Starting with this flotilla.