Once, when I was younger, back around 1979, I was sitting in Mrs Bland’s classroom beside my friend at the time Jay Hull. Jay and I’d been spending our morning lying about all the girls we’d done and were gonna do and had been told we could do (there was time for some of that, back then).

Then the announcement came: ‘History’ was now to be known as ‘Social Studies’ and ‘English’ was to be called ‘Language Arts’. Mrs Bland, who’s name did not fit her personality at all, didn’t seem convinced. The propaganda films, filmstrips and slides that followed did little to bring the rest of us around.

This morning I received a signature early call from John Calder, who was even more up in arms than usual over the economy, and all the lies that politicians were peddling to the angry populaces of the US and UK and the world about what they’d done, were ‘gonna do and had convinced themselves they could do to fix things. John’s not convinced. AH! l’histoire se répéter…pass the freedom fries…

What came up during our conversation was that this new world reorder is not about the economy at all, but rather a fight over ideology. Not matter how many Obamas America elect, how many Bushs, Cheneys and Madoffs are proven to be criminals, how many Browns meet with Clintons and how many Blairs hide in the Middle East one thing is certain: there are too many out there who still, cannot accept that the holiest of holys, the market, is not going to fix things. They are the Social Study-ers, the Language Art-ists and the MBA koolaid drinkers.

Now, all MBA believers aren’t bad. Their ideology is. They were sold the same line of crap that they’ve turned around and shoved at us little guys for the past twenty or thirty years. Allan Bloom, who in this case I’ll call ‘Mr Right’ comes to mind, circa 1987:

“A great disaster has occurred. It is the establishment…of the MBA as the moral equivalent of the MD or law degree, meaning a way of insuring a lucrative living by the mere fact of a diploma that is not a mark of scholarly achievement.

True liberal education requires that the student’s whole life be radically changed by it, that what he learns may affect is action, his tastes, his choices, that no previous attachment be immune to examination and hence re-evaluation. Liberal education put everything at risk and requires students who are able to risk everything.

The effect of the MBA is to corral a horde of students who want to get into business school and put the blinders on them…”

From where I sit, the only places akin to the darkness of the MBA are the pits of literal religious fundamentalism (no questions asked) and homes with codependant parents who treat their kids as equals, and discourage them from venturing (keep me company).

Ever wonder how on earth we get large groups of people chanting “market…market…market” as a mantra, others who still believe that Sadaam Hussein caused 9/11, or still more who follow FOX News, the Sun and Rupert Murdoch down the road to hell?

Yes Virginia, God put dinosaurs in the ground so we could have oil.

And yes Uncle Thomas, being liberal means we have to be everything to everybody, police our words, shame our children from being rowdy and sugarcoat the world for that big safe molley-coddled society in the sky.Right.

On second thought, perhaps the market will sort this out after all, as it crashes all around and takes the MBA spin doctors with it.

“If you see a good fight, get in it.” Martin Luther King Sr to MLK Jr. — Now that’s the art of language. Most likely taught in an English class.