ONE 6 • Poetspace 6: International Poetry

In the Thigh of Evening
for H.C.
We sit here in the thigh of evening
you in my memory and I–
black treetops are moving
music scored on sky
cloud continents drift apart
I reach for you
a breeze grazes my lip
give me please, into my hand
one more coin of sunset
beyond the dissolving horizon
old destinies gallivant
Janet Brof

Potters’ Bowls
for H.C.
all became pieces pieces
when they told me you had died
wood glass metal
but the green of Guanajuato
the lapis blue of Puebla
potters’ bowls that used us
our long table of days
Janet Brof
In the still, kind centre of your
dark-gentle eyes I wallow
and memory a might-have-been,
losing the toxic forever
in wish-rush and heart-heat
and the dream-burnished glow
of leather-clad old-lovely books.
Where opuses, tomes and volumes nest,
candle-ghost and lamp-shadow
caper and wink in the case-glass
echoing and shape shifting
the wax-warm smoothness of your skin,
the foxed and fraye-leather of mine.
– Mike David
a twinge
I feel the fatal ache in my bones;
the dull, small thunder of rot
echoes in my teeth; the taunting drag
of gravity sags muscle and flesh;
I see the wizening, filigree ruck
and etch of skin on back of hand,
at wrist and elbow; I keenly suffer,
proleptically, scythe-swinge, worm-worry
and the suffocating soiltrap’s weight
pinioning ultimately resistless limbs:
a sleep of great depth and no breath,
a fleeting, drunken foretaste of death.
Mike David
Go with the Flow

~one haiku for George W. S. Trow~
teeming solitudes
stream on & off the bus
some look out dreaming
– Mary Folliet
Matter of Life & Death
Life is a voyage that’s homeward bound.”
Herman Melville
peace holds your last breath
all discomfort & pain cease
distracted by death
journey’s envoi joie
bon voyage~bridge~welcome home”
one wave then away!
Mary Folliet
Forma a obsah naděje
Naděje obsahuje sen
Naděje je konzervativní
jako děd a bába.
Naděje je podvratná
jako děti.
Naděje je velkorysá
na nás všechny čeká život.
Naděje je sobecká:
nech ho umřít abych já mohl žít.
Naděje je přirozená
bez ní nikdo nemůže dýchat.
Naděje je nepřirozená:
nutí tě souložit
s netvorem přežívání.
Naděje je atraktivní:
ve srovnání s hladem
všechno ostatní se vzpírá definici.
Naděje je přesná:
Čekám na tento květ
přesně v tomto oblečení
s tímto světlem kolem krku.
Ke konci
se naděje spojí s hrůzou
a tak budeš jedním dechem doufat a třást se
že je ti souzeno zůstat a trpět
nebo opustit život.
Form and Content of Hope
Hope contains the dream
the miracle.
Hope is conservative
like grandfather and grandmother.
Hope is subversive
like children.
Hope is generous:
we all have a life waiting for us.
Hope is selfish:
let him die so that I can live.
Hope is natural:
without it no one can breathe.
Hope is unnatural:
it forces you to cohabit
with the monster of survival.
Hope is abstract:
besides hunger everything else is undefined.
Hope is precise:
I am waiting for this flower
dressed in that way
with this light round the neck.
Towards the end
hope will many terror
and thus you’ll be hoping and trembling
with the same breath
that you may stay and suffer
or quit life.
Katerina Anghelaki Rooke
Are you manikin or mandrake?
Your lips rasp as if
you haven’t sipped
from the plate I put out,
but when I look
the milk has been drained.
Sorcery is new to me,
I need time to gauge
your appetites,
your waking needs.
Little man, you curl and flex
under my gaze, hands, feet,
too impossibly small to grasp
a monstrous wet nurse.
Even so, at birth
your wrinkled caul was so whole
I whispered
because of the disparities between us.
Jane McKie