One 10 • … How did you get there?

1. Where are you from?  2. Where are you now?

3. By way of?     4. Would you do it all again?

5. Describe your last memory of leaving what you consider ‘home’ or where you’re from.

6. What’s your profession?


disclaimer: We wanted a quick survey not a research project — photos quality from the ‘net so there. And

we can’t help more boys answered than girls. That’s the situation, but enjoy the stories.


Mo Fischer

1. The suburbs of Philadelphia, PA

2. Los Angeles, CA

3. By way of my beloved New York City where I lived in Chelsea for

11 years

4. Do what again? If you mean relish the decisions I’ve made, hell yes!

5. I left NYC for LA January 2004. My landlord in NYC gave me a bunch of $$ to vacate my great big rent-controlled apartment so I took the offer for sunny horizons. I was stunned & saddened by my decision when I arrived in an unfriendly, weird LA. It was a devastating transition but I persevered and enjoy the weather & opportunities though I dearly miss my close friends & the frenetic fun lifestyle in NYC.

6. Currently I am a catering manager for my brothers 2 BBQ restaurants in LA area. I go into peoples homes & throw parties – it’s hard work yet fun ‘cuz it’s always

a party !


Kirsty Lee Kerr


1. Bridgeton, Glasgow

2. New York

3. Edinburgh, Scotland & Montana, US

4. Yes but maybe minus Montana

5. Excited at the prospect of meeting new people, seeing things I had never dreamed of getting the chance to visit. Nervous about 18 hours on a plane.

6. Publishing Student & General Dogsbody


Jonathan Pryce

1. A small village in

West Scotland

2. Glasgow, but I’ve got my sights set on Europe-Paris, Berlin

3. New York

4. Yes! Seeing the world is important!

5. I’ve been in Glasgow so long I consider it home. When I was leaving for New York I was sad, anxious and excited. To be leaving behind what you know, the people who understand you and a support system

is hard – but you don’t grow without challenges.

6. Marketing consultant, photographer, artist


Dilan Boyzel

1. Diyarbakir, Turkey

2. Istanbul

3. I live in Istanbul for this year because of my photoshoots.

4. Yes, I think so.

5. I was crying when I was flying to Istanbul from Diyarbakir; I was too stressful and nervy because of my work and I broke my family’s heart.

6. Photographer


Marcus Leatherdale

1. Montreal, Canada

2. Lisbon, Portugal

3. New York City

4. Without a doubt. I have to move and create, I don’t know any other way of doing things.

5. Each time it is time to move on, of course it’s bittersweet, but life changes and I have to change with it. Leaving New York City has been difficult, but I visit regularly. You just have to take the good things and take the next plunge.

6. Photographer


Alistair Adair

1. Hackney, London. Grew up on a housing estate. Raised by my mum. No cash. Mixed race.

2. Barcelona

3. Left London to do a degree in Edinburgh (Napier uni). Stayed in Edinburgh for 8 years altogether. After Uni spent a couple of years doing entrepreneurial business things. Then: Barcelona, time for the next challenge.

4. Yes, yes…f***ing yes. Nothing teaches you more about yourself or the world that raised you like travelling and seeing your origins through foreign eyes. It forced me to question the surroundings I grew up in, how my family and london upbringing influenced me, and BREAK AWAY from the shit I didn’t want in my life (while taking pride in and keeping the good bits).

I still regularly get flashes of myself as the hackney boy that got the f**k out! Helped give me the freedom and inspiration to become who I really wanted to be.

5. London (Hackney really) is my first and strongest ‘home’. I

was 19 when I left. last memory of leaving was packing van with all my stuff (with my dad) and us driving out of the city. then 10 hours later arriving in student halls and offloading at 1am, completely spaced and buzzing with the potential of the new beginning.

6.  Currently a freelance video editor and make websites in a small web co’ in Barcelona. Never would have guessed that my natural geekyness (love of tech) would have given me so much freedom in the future. very lucky. I’ve run a video production company, run a pretty exciting web video project, worked in a school as a teaching assistant and done the classic bar, club stuff…


Brian Butterick

1. I am from Riverdale, The Bronx,

New York City

2. SoHo, Manhattan, NYC

3. Ah… Boston, Provincetown,

San Francisco, Paris, East Village

4. Yep

5. From when I was a small child, I couldn’t wait to get on the #1 train and go downtown to the Village, which at that time was where it ALL was going on. When I was 12 or 13, I did it… going down there every chance I got. My neighborhood was populated by a mix of Irish Catholics and Jews… I got along with the Jews, but

the Irish I found to be very repressed, bigoted, small-minded… and afraid of the enormous social changes that were happening at the time. When I finally left home at 17, it was a relief, and I have never looked back.

6. Actor/Musician/Writer/Drag Queen


Andrea McNicoll

1. Scotland

2. Glasgow

3. Thailand

4. Absolutely

5. Glorious anticipation at

not knowing the future. Delight at the prospect of somewhere different. Satis-

faction at not choosing the so-called

safest option

6. Author, carer, cook



1. A small resort town in Michigan.

2. New York City.

3. Only two places I’ve ever lived.

4. In a heartbeat!

5. I hated it growing up because I thought the people were so provincial. I made a plan to move to New York when I was 12, but now we go back every year to sit in the woods and swim on the clean beaches. I was scared when I walked out


the door with my suitcase and even more scared when the car got into the New York City traffic, but it felt like destiny.

6. I work for a famous fashion stylist in her store as a project manager, bookkeeper, housemom, and I am a fledgling writer.



Annie Kinley

1. From Christchurch New Zealand

2. Wellington New Zealand

3. Has been crazy couple of years somehow been everywhere (USA , Central America, Europe…) except NZ till 8 weeks ago so


strange u ask when i have too respond from and too N Z!!

4. In a heart beat!!!!

5. My last memory … Leaving all the wonderful people in my Glasgow to return too NZ thinking how amazing it is too arrive in a far off land knowing NO ONE and find love , friendship and a new life . Tis’ a truly wonderfull world!


Elliot Murphy

1. Grew up on Long Island – deep enough in the suburbs where looking for the heart of Saturday night was risky surgery.

2. Been living in Paris, France a good twenty years. Every time I land at Charles De Gaulle airport I feel like I’m home.

3. Did 17 years in New York until the city lost its mystery for me.

4. I would do it the same with a different style. Now I’m pondering my next move. Need an ocean and palm trees. T-shirt weather. Did someone mention Venice Beach, California?


>>>Jorge Socarrás Dude, any reason why you’re making each response a separate message? :)


>>>Elliott Murphy

Doing it on my phone…Can’t cut and paste …


5. I remember walking down 5th Avenue and feeling like the city had been turned upside down and filled with new people. Sold a few guitars and amps and knew I couldn’t live on NYC anymore. Loved the power, energy and conceit of the city but had a bad memory on every street corner. F. Scott Fitzgerald said there are no second acts in American lives so I reinvented myself on the other side if the pond.


Paul Cockburn

1.  Edinburgh

2. Glasgow

3. M8/ScotRail

4. Probably.

5. I’ve lived and worked in Glasgow for 20-odd years, but I only definit-

ly left home when my mother died, and the family home in which I grew up was emptied and sold. Now, I feel a visitor when I go back to Edinburgh. Recently, when asked where I was from, I unthinkingly said, for the first time: “Glasgow”.

6. Magazine journalist and deputy editor.




Lucinda Land Morin

1. Taylorsville, North Carolina

2. Savannah, Georgia

3. Greensboro NC, San Antonio TX, Los Angeles CA, at sea on ship in Caribbean/ New England/Eastern Canada, Nashville

TN, Myrtle Beach SC, back to Los Angeles, at sea on ships in Caribbean, Alaska, & Mexico, back to San Antonio TX, Lancaster PA.

4. Absolutely

5. My heart breaks a little each time I leave…it’s torture choosing to leave the family that has loved me so fiercely, completely and unconditionally so that I can selfishly pursue a career that has been fulfilling and rewarding beyond my wildest dreams. I am homesick every single day, which isn’t the case for most small-town kids.

6. Dancer/Choreographer/Singer/Actor


Milena Renate Findeis

1. Graz, Austria

2. Prague, Czech Republic

3. Where I grew up, it has been not possible to find a job, therefore I had to find places, where I can work.

4. Yes

5. Home means for me a state of mind, where I am able to breath without anger and fear. When I have been 17 I have been reading Peter Handkes Wunschloses Unglueck and the tragic of the suicide of his mother helped me to overcome my own negative attitude concerning life. Within the last 36 years I have been rereading that book at least 20x. In other words that book has become my home.

6. Marketing, Communication




Sherry Vine

1. I was born in Florida, grew up in Baltimore, went to school in LA and have lived in NYC for 18 years (minus 4 years in Berlin).

2. I now live in NYC!

3. Train, plane and automobile

4. I would not change a thing. Everything is a lesson to learn

5. My last memory of leaving home was at the airport heading to LA.

My mom and grandma were there. Lots of kissing and hugging. I was a “Momma’s boy” and hated to leave but

at the same time was ready to get out

of Baltimore!

6. International Drag Diva




Sean Green

1) Edinburgh

2) Manchester, gonna make it as a filmaker!

3) Costa Rica, Brazil, London, Edinburgh, Belfast for univesity, Edinburgh again and finally Manchester

4) Hells yeah

5) I guess that would be when I left for uni, it was pretty scary, and the first couple weeks was one of the most boring and depressing periods of my life, but i made new friends and ended up doing great. I have to remember to give myself time to adjust to new surroundings.

6) I’m a filmmaker/film editor


Moira Mcpartlin


1. Carnock, a small mining village in Fife, Scotland

2. Killearn, a bigger village in the

Trossachs, Scotland

3. 15 years ago I left Fife to work in Glasgow, I left behind my two teenage sons but it was still close enough for me to be around for them

4. Moving forward is what I have done all my life. I love my home now but there are things I still want to do.

5. Moving from the east to the west has not been difficult but my accent is so different, it was always commented on. When I first left I tried to leave it behind but loved to slip back when I was with my sons. I claimed my accent back a few years ago.

6. I started off being a mother and home maker, but my divorce forced me into being an accountant for twenty years. I left that behind five years ago and now write, garden and work at being a mother and grandmother. I guess I am back being a homemaker but with many more

stories to tell.


Kirsty Neary

1. Burnside, Glasgow

2. Hamilton, South Lanarkshire

3. Blantyre, Yorkhill, Maryhill, Partick, Southern General Hospital,

Langside Priory.

4. I’d say I’d have given anything not to have been the places I’ve been, but those experiences made me who I am: a stronger, better-rounded person who knows that there’s far more to folk than what meets the eye.

5. Ambulance doors slammed shut on the view of my flat, leaving my whole life behind. Strangers would be picking through my stuff, removing every last hint I’d once lived there. Took me a while to realize that traces erased there meant one day I’d be putting roots down somewhere, of someone who’d be happy, healthy and sane.

6. I am now a novelist, film-maker and spoken-word performer. I’m also back at university finally finishing my degree. Getting things right this time around.




Mason Douglas

1. Watford

2. South Cheshire

3. Dumfries, Ayrshire, Glasgow,

London, Herts…

4. Without hesitation! I wouldn’t have worked in such amazing kitchens or met such unhinged characters if I hadn’t.

5. My leaving weekend from my Kitchen in London. Hedonistic times compared to the area I moved to which left me with way too much time on my hands. Nothing open after midnight and forget getting a beer after 2am! A Chefs’ true nightmare yet this move was when I came into my own and developed my skills further.

6. I’m Chef de Cuisine for a small private restaurant and fine dining outside caterer.


Derek Walsh

1. Cork, Ireland (no I dont have an accent)

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

3. Moved directly to Edinburgh from Cork, however, I wouldn’t quite say directly, 18 hours on a bus (ferry between countries). Don’t judge me I was skint.

4. Depends on how appealing the potential next destination is, certainly not to move back to cork.

5. I can remember thinking it couldn’t get worse, but for the life of me I cant


remember why I hated everything so much at the time. (ed note: 18 year old twinks generally hate the world right?)

6. Business Student / fitness instructor



Lauren Rosen

1. NYC (suburbs)

2. New York City

3. not really applicable ;)

4. You bet

5. The excitement of

getting out on my own and “making it” in the city – without support from my parents. Anticipation of being independent and getting to live my life, MY way!

6. Interactive Marketing


D.J. Adam

1. Seal Beach, CA   2. NYC

3. San Francisco, London, Amsterdam

4. Hell yeah

5. Packing up my friend’s car with all of my stuff, saying goodbye to my mom and playing X’s “Los Angeles” as we drove off.

6. Occupation: DJ & Promoter


Dòl Yoin MacKinnon

1. The Isle of Harris. Home of tweed, Gaelic, the finest air, scenery.

2. My spiritual umbilical cord has let me drift to Glasgow.

3. The belly of the whale.

4. I constantly do it again.

5. I broke down in the car leaving Horgabost as I realised that time and distance are making home feel less like home but more special than ever. I didn’t have the heart to empty the sand from my shoes and pockets so for weeks I left a beachy trail through the streets of Glasgow.

6. I am singer-songwriter, film-maker (yet to make the film) and Biology teacher (to keep the folks, and the children happy).


George McAvoy

1. Born and bred in Brooklyn, NY.

2. I have returned to Bklyn after living in Cambridge, MA, Washington, CT and all over Manhattan.

3. I left when I was 17 and was happy to leave my abusive father, sad to leave my brothers.

4. I ran away at 4 years old and should have left home much earlier than 17.

5. I am a social worker in NYC now


Reese Land

1. Taylorsville, NC

2. Louisville, KY

3. Music Career/School

4. In a heartbeat

5. Taylorsville is a small town and the home of the family electric business. I went to a college nearby for music but began working for the family while making music on the side. After much soul-searching, I decided to follow my dream of being a full time musician.

6. Professor of Trumpet, Music at Campbellsville University, Kentucky


Josh Spears

1. I’ve moved around the country for so long I no longer have a concept of “Where I am from.” But that isn’t a bad thing really.

2. County Durham/My own little world

3. Norfolk/Letchworth/Southern California. I got to all these places through variable and unexciting means.

4. I’m bloody doing it now.

5. It’s been so long since I really belonged anywhere, home is a place I’ve yet to truly find. What is important is knowing when you really find the place.

6. Author, Dreamweaver, Actor.


Charlie Graham

1.  Edinburgh

2. Taking a break back in Edinburgh, usually India

or Australia

3. Working and Travelling.

4. I’m always on the go so it’s never going to be done again, two steps forward never back.

5. I’m lucky, some would say i’m a high class gypsy, I’ve never been anywhere long enough to develop a “I’m from here” identity apart from Scotland.

6. I’m a bartender/Writer.


Eric Bonharme

1. Born in Nancy. Yes, that makes me a Nancy Boy

2. Spend my time between Edinburgh

and London

3. Baden-Baden, Germany; Victoria, BC, Canada; Aberdeen

4. Hell yeah. Met people I would never have done if I’d stayed at home. Hatred is born our of fear and fear is born out of ignorance.

5. How is where am I now. I now feel settled in Scotland and consider it my home…. for now. Who knows, I might move on in a few years.

6. I work in IT, dabble in homeopathy (though I’m professionally trained) and volunteer for the British Red Cross.


Stewart Smith

1.  Stirling

2. Glasgow

3. Aberdeen

4. It’s not all been plain sailing, but I have no regrets and have met some amazing people

over the years.

5. Home is where I am now. I guess I’ve never lived far from where I grew up, but I do like to travel. Once my studies are completed, I can see myself traveling to wherever work or life takes me.

6. I’m a PhD English literature student and tutor at the University of Strathclyde, a freelance arts writer and musical dabbler.


Jorge Socarrás

1. New York City

2. Barcelona

3. Atlantic Ocean

4. Yes!

5. When I left NYC I felt ready – my sense of hope needed renewal, and despite my long history and many loved ones in New York, I felt it could no longer give me what I needed. Upon arriving in Barcelona I knew I’d made the right decision because I immediately felt at home. There is nothing quite like the feeling of starting a new life in a new place!

6. Writer


Daniel J Cartier

1. From New Hampshire

2. I live in Nashville

3. By way of New York, LA, Cape Cod, Chicago, Florida

4. I would probably have tried

to do it without all the booze and drugs that I did. If I had lived my life clean and sober my journey would have been much less painful.

5. I’ve had so many homes. Each one felt like it would be home forever. When I left my childhood home I remember watching it disappear in the car window and feeling very scared but also excited.

6. I’m a musician, video director and artist


Deacon Oakley-Carpenter

1. From Hythe, England/ Newport, RI

2. Northern California

3. 17 years in New York City advertising

4. I wouldn’t have changed a thing

5. Leaving home for me is always bittersweet. On the one hand, your friends and family are left behind, but the exciting thing is that you can explore new territory, which allows you to

explore yourself.

6. I am an Ayurvedic Doctor.


Joseph Best

1.  The suburbs of South Jersey

2. The hidden hills of Western Massachusetts

3. Philadelphia, Strasbourg France, Brussels, Manhattan, Hudson-NY ….

4. Absolutely- I’ve never lived anywhere I didn’t love- except for the suburbs of South Jersey

5. Saying goodbye to my parents in the parking lot of St. Joseph’s University- knowing that I’d never live with them again. The next morning I woke up not able to sleep- because I was so eager to start the first day of my new life in Strasbourg- (as a theology student with the Jesuits there). And then I fell in love with a man.

6. I’m a public interest immigration lawyer.