ONE blogs – JOHN CALDER – Man for Monday: TIME TO SAY NO!

It is time to say no to a great many things. First of all to the ridiculous notion that Tony Blair, an ignorant and simplistic chancer if there ever were one, should ever be considered for the new presidency of President of Europe, when it is not difficult to think of many other more suitable candidates. The position will be purely honorific, and if there is one thing to which Blair has proved himself to be completely devoid of- then it is honour.

Secondly there is Gordon Brown’s fire sale of our national assets, such as our share in Eurostar and the Channel Tunnel, and anything else which may raise some cash to reduce our national debt, created mainly by a totally irresponsible gift of over a hundred billion pounds to failed banks. Those very banks which are run by people who feel that they deserve to be rewarded for their incompetence with large pensions and bonuses. Thatcher had already given away, on purely ideological grounds, most of the national assets that Attlee had nationalised after the last World War, thereby creating enormous price rises. A combination of that massive give-away, followed by the fiscal incompetence of every government since then, and a total disregard of any regulations of Banks, insurance companies and the stock market has led to the hegemony of Globalised Capital and the present crisis. Every take-over and merger of companies, banks and manufacturing industries has resulted in rising unemployment, and a level of debt which between them mean that no recovery can be possible for a generation, perhaps ever. But of course things will not be allowed to gradually decline. Massive disorder is on the way, demonstrations such as have not been seen since the nineteenth century will occur. The Police have already made it clear enough that they will respond with brutal repression. This in its turn may well bring about revolutions in many countries, some of which will turn into Civil Wars, some on the Northern Irish model, some on the African.

Thirdly there is the growing presence of climate change, which will inevitably affect the necessary resources of an ever-rising population, only partly controlled by famine and massacre. There will also be a reduction in the land areas on which it is possible to live. It is highly unlikely that those in a position to make sacrifices for the benefit of all will do so- and that the frequent international conferences, like the forthcoming on in Copenhagen, will do what has to be done. All these things point to coming revolution, probably leading to international war, which will bring life on this planet to end.

I have not yet mentioned the present wars, like Afghanistan, where disaster is so obvious to everyone except those in a position to withdraw. We can expect the worst possible outcome in this conflict. Although it may do little good, people must register their dissent. We must say No. In elections, if there is no one running that you can trust, then spoil your ballot. Spoilt ballots are counted, while non-voters are simple ignored. A majority of spoilt ballots would bring about a change, perhaps leading to caring and competent people coming forward to lead us. The present drift from bad to worse, from irresponsible greed to national destitution cannot go on. We must inundate the politicians, the media, and everyone you know, with your objections to everything that has gone wrong until the message is clear. A concise, unequivocal and sonorous statement- NO!

John Calder 02/11/2009