This is not advertorial. This is a blatant CALL TO ACTION on behalf of Border’s Books, Buchanan Street, Glasgow. I was saddened by the news of administration, I was sickened to walk by and see bargain-basement ‘CLOSING DOWN’ signs just now.

If Border’s Buchanan Street is allowed to close, Glasgow loses, in a big way. If the government can bail out the banks, they need to step in here.

Glasgow loses, here’s why:

1. This store is not only a retail space, it is a prime meeting location. 1000’s of people daily come through its’ doors, rendezvous, buy a book or a magazine, then continue on to lunch/dinner. Every restaurateur within a 30 minute walk should take note!

2. It has been challenging the status quo. In this dire age of complacency in retailing, Border’s Buchanan Street has a passionate staff. The store is open until 10pm most days, challenging the home-by-six mentality (especially in an era where retailers complain of low sales = they’re never open when working people need them).

3. Because of its innovative programmes, hours and location, the presence is a source of stability and nighttime safety in the area. If allowed to close, or turn into another 9-5 dress shop, Buchanan Street will become a dangerous ghost town for drunken brawlers every night.

4. Border’s Buchanan street has the one and ONLY international peridoicals, news and books sections in the entirety of lowland Scotland. NO other retailers offers such a wide selection.

5. Border’s Buchanan Street is one of the few retail chains that aspire to act independently, and support the local community. Our annual writers’ conference is one example. They have a forum for all sorts of events, and have become prominent in hosting things that have no other home.

Write your MSP’s, and business friends. The private sector needs to step up here. Rumour has it that the Glasgow store has been consistently profitable.

Change is ok, but if this institution turns into another useless discount clothing store or dress boutique, along with the ridiculous withdrawal of the airport rail link, Glasgow will have taken a giant step back from being a hub in Scotland to being just another run of the mill bourgeois town for weekend shoppers.

Do something.