Tomorrow, the UK government is set to release a ‘white paper’ on piracy over the internet. The assertion is that internet piracy is costing thousands of jobs, and threatening the film, radio and TV industries, as well as life in the free West as we know it today. BULL.

While the US Congress, International Banking Industry and UK Parliament scramble for ways to sugar-coat the era of the largest fraud ever perpetrated on citizens worldwide, the vultures are out for the spoils.


“Internet Piracy Threat” — a ploy to play upon people’s ignorance of a system that rewards flagrant overbudgeting, fatcat middlemen, and bad creativity.

All tomorrow’s white paper will do is create another useless bureacracy, spending and wasting more public money to police an unpoliceable industry, like banking, that cannot accept the fact it must change. There is also massive battles in the US over internet ‘Throttling’ – where your local service provider – like Virgin, Talk-Talk or Verizon, literally choke the connection between your computer and the internet. In turn, they are able to gouge for so-called ‘premium services’ – you pay more for them to unblock the connection and make it go faster.

Plenty of details about all this are available at

Perhaps Hollywood and co-conspriators around the world and in the music industry and television industry need to get the message: the jig is up. If the days of multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses are over for do-nothing bank execs – why is the government jumping on the bandwagon to subsidize poorly-produced, lip-sinc rock stars and horrible Hollwood bilge? Who needs ‘Drag me to Hell’ – when we’re already there?

They’ve turned the world’s teenagers into whores, music into a repetitive synth-pop parody and now they want to ensure their little profit party?

In the latest issue on ONE Magazine, Peter Simpson takes a look at all this in Welcome to Generation Free. It’s time to get active, and stop being so PC about yet another shiestering of citizens around the world. In Sweden, this controversy has given birth to a new, and third largest political party: The Pirate Party —

Their Goals: -Reform Copyright Law; -Abolish the Patent System; -Renew Individual Rights to Privacy

Speak now or your peace will be forever witheld. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.