ONE blogs – MARTIN BELK – BECKETT SUCCESS: ‘FILM’ and the art of conversation

Yesterday ONE Magazine hosted a successful West End Festival event. John Calder, Samuel Beckett’s publisher and friend joined a standing-room only crowd at the Grosvenor Theatre, Glassgow for a screening of FILM – Beckett’s one and only ventures into celluloid – starring the late Buster Keaton.

The discussion and Q&A that followed was lively, and mixed old-school Godot Groupies with young filmakers, dancers and theatre artists. The event went for 2 hours and at the end, we screened FILM a second time.


THANK YOU to the friendly, helpful staff of the Grosvenor, Producer Graeme Smith, Sheila Colvin; Jonathan Pryce and the Indigo Promotions Group.










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