ONE 7 • Life’s Lessons

Life can be heaven
Or life can be hell
It depends where you’re borne
It depends where you dwell
It depends on your family
If there good or they’re bad
If they love you or hate you
Your dear old mum and dad
It depends if they’re living
Or dead as a nail
Were they sharp as a fox?
Or slow as a snail
It depends on your city
Your village or town
Is it pleasant and peaceful?
Or shit and run down
Are your neighbours the sort
That say how do you do?
Or the sort that say
F*** you and f*** your maw too?
Does the man down the street
Bake cakes for a sale
Or just cut bags of kit
For the junky’s that dwell
Do your friend’s go to school?
Get good grades and have fun
Or do they burn down buildings
Then go on the run
When you lie down in bed
Is it peaceful and calm?
Or does ranting and raving
And screaming go on

“you are what you are
and it’s all up to you”
Well this is a statement
I don’t think is true
For the sights and the sounds
That you see and you hear
Can calm and relax you
Or surround you with fear
The things that you’re taught
And the things that you know
Can make you rise high
Or can make you sink low
It’s the way that it is
It’s the way the wind blows
And for most of your life
It’s the way that it goes

But you shouldn’t despair
If you’re stuck in a slum
And you shouldn’t regret
The life’s path you’ve run
The past is the past
The present is now
And the future is your’s
Use it as you will
Open your eyes
And broaden your mind
Then a world of darkness
Will slowly subside
New paths will open
But walk them with care
Because some lead to joy
And some to despair
—Poet 24 © 2008/9